Ayana Vitality Complete Package

$4,441.00 $3,995.00



The Ayana Vitality Complete Package contains everything you will to operate your Ayana Vitality in ANY area, with Pre-Filters, Replacement Filters and extra Hydr8 Crystals

Your Ayana Vitality Complete Package includes:

1 x Ayana Vitality Water Ionizer
2 x Ayana Mega Replacement Filters
2 x Ayana Citric Cleaning Filters
1 x Ayana Epic 2 Stage Pre-filter (GAC + PP)
6 x Ayana Pre-filter Replacement Cartridges (4 x PP, 2 x GAC)
2x Hydra8 Crystals

With this complete package, you will be able to use your Ayana Vitality for 2 years without ever having to call us and replacing anything. Save over $200 total on filters, and more on shipping while getting ALL that you need!

This is the best value package sold by Ayana Water.

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Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 43 × 34 × 44 cm