What makes this water so healing?

After scientists such as Dr. Patrick Flanagan and Dr. Henri Coanda tested these waters to discover what makes them so incredibly life supporting, they found the water to possess the following qualities:


Pure and Mineralized

These waters were completely devoid of chemicals, metals, and toxins – but full of healthy minerals.



These waters were found to contain a pH value of between 8.5 and 9 to consistently alkalize the body and help it to remove acidic waste.



When water runs down a river and hits rocks, it breaks into small water clusters that can easily permeate the cells and rapidly hydrate the body. This means 1 glass of water can hydrate like 2-3 glasses of regular tap water.



OH- ions act as an anti-oxidant for your body. Oxidation of the cells leads to DNA damage, cancers and many diseases. Anti-Oxidants help the body repair and heal.


Energy Infused

As water RUSHES down a river, it is full of electricity and biodynamic living energies that support the cells, like energy powers a battery. This water is structured, activated and balanced.

you   find   all   of   these   properties   in   ayana   water!